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Originally Posted by 99BPS View Post
On the vice - Teching the vice's typically gives me fits, and I always have FSDO problems. I REALLY love Bob's markers, but until I get better at tuning them or they get simply I'm just not sure they will be for me.

Why do you think an Ego would fit my criteria better then the Alien Independence or the borg RX? I know Ego's they were around when I played. I always wanted just a little more heft on the marker when I was shouldering friends egos. I almost feel like the Borg RX is a slightly larger ego (shape wise) from the pics, which seems like it would be perfect.

Looks like the Borg is a bit smaller overall then my Pimp, while being much lighter. Buut it still has all the room I want on the trigger frame, and should shoulder and sight super similarly.
I'm not 100% sure why you'd have FSDO on a poppet in general. The Vice is one of those high ends that as long as it's sitting in the right pressure range, it'll shoot itself to death. Same can be said for an Ego, but pressure range doesn't play as big a roll.

As far as the Alien or the Borg go, I LOVE Macdev, but tech support for them is somewhat limited. As are replacement parts. Alien is a smaller company, so again parts. How many Egos have you seen on the field? How many Alien markers?

I'd honestly lean more to the Ego for you. It doesn't sound like you really wanna tech markers. The Ego if it does go down, you can probably fix yourself without special tools. Plus, again, parts are everywhere.
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