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Originally Posted by crazyorigin View Post
This is an amazing game really, i used to play it a lot, was ranked pretty high for a while. I loved it but got tired of all the cheating on Live play, so many glitches and cheats it made it not so much fun. When someone can get in a glitch and freeze your console it takes the fun out. I would get in that glitch just so it couldnt be used on me. If they do a sequel i hope they fix all glitches before release. They fixed all the harmless and fun glitches but left the bad ones unlatched for a long long time. I stopped playing because i got tired of waiting for the patches. GTA5 will be out soon though.

What system are you on PistolRogue? The cougars are the most dangerous animals IMO, they are fun to hunt though where you can find them. Just an FYI, the sawed off is your friend for hunting wolves, you can use itclike a pistol when they bite you you can just annihilate them with it, it reloads fast, the sawed off was my favorite shotgun, one of my favorite things in the game. The Bolt Action, LeMat and sawed off were my favorite guns, and dynamite, oh boy, i would make a lot of people mad with the dynamite, i wish you could have more than 2 in multiplayer but maybe its best there wasn't. It was a lot of fun to get some good private games going and some posse's rolling deep in some public. Met some cool people playing online, one kid was a bit of a souche but he was an animal on that game so i didnt mind having him on my side, he played constantly, think he still does. Tue game has a big cult like following, i can see why, it is one of my favorite games ever, probably #1.
I'm on 360 but haven't even thought of touching multiplayer yet. I'm enjoying the single player as a break from people pissing me off/trolling on BlOps2 so I'm not sure if I'll ever play it in multi at all lol...

As for wolves, I took on like 8 of them at once with just my knife lol... Actually survived too! Was trying for the Master Hunter lvl 3 or 4 whichever one that was.

Also- lost a challenge to an herbalist... So I lasso'd him and drug him through his own campfire, setting him on fire. Go ahead, call me a sore loser!
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