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Don't hold me to this, but I'm pretty sure one of the original versions of snow white was based around the fact that snow white was a vampire whore. I THINK Neil Gaiman revived it in his book Smoke&Mirrors.

Also, in the original little mermaid, I'm pretty sure the prince rejects her and she dies and disintegrates into foam. Which is where the term "mermaids foam" comes from. (it's that forthy white junk you see washing up on the beach)

one of the original red riding hoods ends with everyone being raped and eaten by the wolf.

EVERY fairy tale was in fact a way to scare children into behaving. If you can, find a really old translation of fairy tales, every one of them will either contain cannibalism, rape, murder, hell probably one or two involving the evils of incest. Might even luck out and get a story with a knockout combo or 2 or more! They are truly gnarly child scarring delights of yore.
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