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Sheridan P68SC

So I have a beautiful marker for sale today. If I wasn't buying a new gun it wouldn't be for sale.


1. I'm in Canada, keep that in mind for shipping

2. You pay, I ship

3. Once the gun is shipped, I will not take responsibility for it getting lost/damaged but I will try and prevent it

4. No trades

5. Post then PM

6. Why do I have these?

Sheridan P68SC (it's a long barrel PGP)

-Speed demon bolt (allows you to shoot without holding onto the pump handle at proper velocity

-RVA (so you can adjust velocity quickly)

-extended C02 changer (NOT a fasst changer)

-Battle grips

-PA series valve (allows you to take out the valve without special tools)

2 things to note

1.the top tube has been cut on the top towards the feed plug, I just put a piece of tape over it and create a window so I can make sure it is feeding properly

2. Half of the first thread is stripped out of the valve, I put a longer screw in it and it works prefectly

These 2 things don't effect anything greatly, just giving you full disclosure.

Price: $200 plus shipping

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