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The campaign is great. It is an epic game. I am also on 360, if you ever decide to play online let me know i may get back on to play again. I need to upgrade my hard drive in my console tho because its full and i am sure there is gonns be DLC i need to play. If you like the RDR you should get the Undead Redemption too after you beat it, its a lot of fun.

I recommend cranking uo your sensitivity speed and getting used to it that was, it will boost your hadshot speed quite a lot. No Laso in multiplayer sadly but it is probably best because i know i would make some peolle real mad with it, dragging them behind my bull. Wait till you have to knife a coigar and a bear, for this i recommend figuring out how many shots they take with a certain weapon and then shooting then 1 less time than necessary and l finish them with the knife. Heavily wooded areas are good place to do this so you can use trees to block them, doing it from horseback is sometimes easier too. Just an FYI, if you like to see the buffalo dont kill them. They dont respawn, once they are gone their gone. Sellling pelts in areaa thise pelta cant be found (like bear pelts in mexico) will net you more $.
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