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Originally Posted by heinous View Post
she's a total stranger to the sport. it's not out of line to suspect everything. maybe you should do what the other story did and buy out her field to run it your own way. barring that, all you can do is tell her why she would suspect you are teaming with the other field if you've been at her field while both fields were open, if she won't believe you then the only thing left to do is to leave and let the capitalist market sort it out.
At one time in 2006-2008 you could have gotten the rights and a 10 year lease for 1.5 million. That went down allot because of the housing slump but paying over 100 g's a year to lease flood plain no thanks ! I can't see the place doing 10 grand a month all year haha !! A local business was looking at taking it over you can see why they didn't .
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