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.67cal Buwwets!
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Main weapons now are:

Juicy Hulk shotgun
Gentlemans Rakehell slag sniper
Law pistol
Crudy rokgun corrosive smg
Righteous Dart flame pistol
Corrosive Teapot pink pistol from that crazy petite chick
Surgical Sniper corrosive sniper

And a couple shield guns i just started messing with. A Resource Sniper rifle and Electrified Animosity pistol. I am really liking all the weapons on this game, tons of crazy things.

Proficiency relic %8.2 cooldown and an Unstoppable Berserker class mod %20 cooldown.
Deliberate amplify shield
Lobbed fire burst or throwin Sluj, or rubberized corrosive cloud

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