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Muscles definitely have to adapt.
I would say if you get something from regular shoes aside from tired feet, then it's worth it. Shin splints, sore knees, aches in your legs and such are signs that you should ditch regular shoes.

It enrages my hipster friends that good old fashioned $20 feiyue martial arts shoes literally blow away anything made without toes regardless of price. Another case of BS PseudoScientists pretending they invented something people have known since cave-man days, "Mocassins good".
Just like the wicking myth. "I lose heat 25 times faster to water than to air, but your clothes will cool me off by keeping me dry???" Just a waste of money for stuff that doesn't work as well as a cotton shirt. Darned Flatearthers!

The gum sole is good for all but mud and deep snow.
For my part, I never know when I may need to do something silly on the field. Tree climbing, tightrope walking, you name it.....
I like the feel of minimal, but paintball requires more traction than I can get in a traditional minimal shoe.

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