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Big paintball package for sale 500 obo

Ok im posting this for a local firefighter here in Daytona fl. He has pulled a couple of discs in his back and is no longer able to play paintball for awhile. So he is deciding to sell off his gear that he has been using with his son and is looking to get into something better with the kidsand something that wont affect his health that bad. He is wanting to sell it all as a package deal for 500 obo or if the price is right he will seperate it. So lets help this guy out he has done alot for this community and deservers the help thanks.

3 masks
2 tac vests
1 tac belt
3 compressed air tanks(2 carbon fiber -1 steel)
3 markers (1 tippman custom a-5 w/sniper barrel adjustable stock, 1tippman 98 and 1sp-1 w/ electric halo hopper, adjustable stock and Stiffi barrel kit)
3 remote coils.

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