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Military Says No To Psoriasis?

Hey yall, I go to a university that has an Air Force ROTC program there. Last semester I joined it and enjoyed every bit of it. It really kept me involved and I began to appreciate why our serviceman fight for our country everyday.

I had a medical physical earlier in the semester and the physician wrote "Dry Skin Patches on Knees." A couple weeks later the detachment got a letter for me to get re-evaluated and for a physician to change my diagnosis from "dry skin patches on knees" to psoriasis. So after finally getting a second physical done and having the new physician change my diagnosis for me I turned in my paper work and everything seemed hunky-dory.

Well a few days ago my Lt. Col. called me to meet up with him at his office. I met with him and my Captain in person and they gave me the news that I have been disqualified to join the Air Force, and most likely any other branch, because of my psoriasis on my knees. I was very upset and shocked that I was turned down after something so small. It sucked so bad, like I was trying not to choke up when talking to my Cadre. Lt. Col. told me the reason why its a big deal is because apparently taking immunizations and vaccines to go overseas could somehow trigger the psoriasis to worsen. He also told me that wearing BDU's could possibly worsen it due to chaffing (I call BS on that though because I wore BDU's all time when I played paintball/airsoft regularly).

Have any of yall heard of this or gone through this experience before? I'm still kinda upset about it and I would like to fight the disqualification if I could. I hope this doesn't affect me joining any branch because if I can't get in the Air Force I was hoping to go into the Navy.
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