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5+ lbs.

Close up of the air configuration. I had to use that on/off to suit the mount. Definitely a "what a waste" type piece here. Wth, it works, right?

Here's the hose in the folded position. Btw, I LOVE this hose/Eaton 90* on the Stab. It came from a Tippy 98 air-through stock kit. It is a compression type connection, rather than relying on a tapered 1/8" thread to make a seal. By no means a quick disconnect; but saves needing any sealant on the threads if I have to remove the Stab for any reason.

I wasn't a big fan of how thin the butt of the stock was. I had a couple skeleton stocks laying in the garage; so a butt was taken for the cause. The drill bit wandered a bit "slotting" the butt to accept the stock. Not my prettiest work. I locktighted some set screws in place; and cut/ ground the bolts down flush. I'll throw some JB Weld around the bolts to hide them, sand it, and throw some flat black on the butt when the weather allows.

How sexy, eh? :-D
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