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I used my "Q-DAM" all weekend and it seems to be working good. I went thru about 400 rounds and I did have a couple chops, but I believe it's just a matter of getting the right amount of winds in for the spring in the pods. It was at the end of the pod and it would stop loading and I tapped it which I think fed a ball partway into the chamber and it chopped. I had lowered the amount of winds on the spring when I was trying it on an old gun and thought it was causing the balls to break when fed into the chamber to forcefully but I don't think that's the case now. I was using Nelson Anarchy also which is a pretty brittle tournament paint.

Another work around for the scope fitment problem would be to extend the feedneck on the hopper. It will make for a taller target but could clear the scope possibly.
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