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Thanks everyone! Some really great ideas here; I won't be able to tackle this until later this year but it's great to get the gears turning.

Originally Posted by toymachine View Post
think ridiculously over-sized super soft barrel condom. well, more or less. fabric hood/cone/snake/sock is the way to go. I experimented with the kind of mesh that upon reacting to force proportionally tightens up, conversely expands, but never really got very far with that (lots of potential, I just never followed up given how well the fabric snake sock thing worked). I found shooting lots of balls, at high rof, would generally promote breaks in the collection device, but I don't know if this is a universal rule or just applied to my socky thing.
I'm most intrigued by this. So basically a wind sock with a closed end? What kind of material are you using?

Originally Posted by TornadoAlley View Post
I have seen a big road construction cone used. you shoot into the cone and put a bucket under the to catch the paint dripping.
The tourney side of our local field does that for their chronos, lol.

Originally Posted by Darkapollo View Post
I made one to catch reball. Used 1/2" pvc with a few 45 and 90 fittings. Covered the frame with a heavy drop cloth.
This sounds really good, too.

Originally Posted by splashkitsrock420 View Post
I used PVC with layers of rabbit wire inside kinda made a L shape down innto an old paint bucket ....worked like a charm
Did the rabbit wire shred the ball?

I have two ideas at this point, both of which would be used when shooting reballs (I think trying it with normal paint is going to be too messy).

1. Essentially a board with the chrono mounted to it. Directly behind the chrono would be a ring with a giant sock-like collection device. Shoot over the chrono into the sock and the balls gather at the bottom. The question is what material is most likely to slow the ball but not allow it to tear through...

2. Shoot over the chrono into the mouth of some large PVC piping that has an immediate downturn followed by another jog to route the ball away from the shooter. The whole thing could probably fit inside a tupperware-like tub.

Mainly leaning towards 1, though.
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