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So far I've tried two setups. First, i made a 45 degree offset out of a T9 feedneck. My Tiberius rail is still to long for this, but I believe the killjoy or new shorter Tiberius rails would fit it just barely (the manual feed on the rotor might not fit). My other idea was to use an offset rail. Valken makes a rail, but only offsets one inch, so I made one that offsets about 3 inches. However, its a little awkward as it naturally sights with my left eye.

In the end I decided neither was worth it. I'll use the rail for mag-only setups, and I've got a red-dot that I've removed some shims on to jack up the elevation a bit. Just wanted to see if anybody else was experimenting or had come up with any good solutions.

This one is a little ridiculous:

This almost works:

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