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Originally Posted by bope View Post
hi bro, I got the marker today, I don't know how old was your video and if you try the marker before shipped to me, but as soon I got I tried and MARKER IS LEAKING (thru barrel and the rear velocity screw). Like I said, maybe have a long time since you tried, don't do this anymore, could get bad for you here at forum. I don't know if you care but I just fell like to express my disappointment.................................... ....................
I JUST made that video on Dec 10 and uploaded it on Dec 10. I relubed all the orings and everything should have been in tip top shape. Try taking the internals out, relubing, and see if that works. There are tons of videos/info on servicing AGD markers.

I don't think I've ever had the issue where it leaked through the barrel and the velocity screw. But if you can't fix it, please contact me or anyone else who is more actively still plays around with Automags.

Edit: I have 220 feedback on ebay all 100%, I believe I have a feedback thread somewhere here in Mcarterbrown (I may be wrong). And I also have good positive feedback on Techpb.

Ebay Feedback:

Techpb Feedback:

As you can see, I don't scam people, nor intend to. I'm sure a quick lube up will cure your leakage.

I'm actually more concerned about you, seeing that you just made your account less than a year ago, but let's not get into that and figure out the problem in hand first.

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