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The "Halo" scenario at First Strike in Newberry, FL


We have about four weeks until the ďHalo - The Reclaimer Saga" scenario event at the incredibly fun First Strike Paintball in Newberry, FL (near Gainesville).
Link: First Strike Paintball Home Page

This field, as many of you know, can be phenomenal to play at this time of year (the mild temperatures); always great fun to play, but add the cooler temps and...

Pre-reg is open and you are invited!

Iím one of the commanders and Mike Phillips (Tech PB) is the other. Which side you sign up for is pretty irrelevant to me. The field owner and the producer are going to do whatever needed to make balanced teams. The only teams that I know about that are assigned with certainty are Trigger Happy and Bad Company (playing with me as the commander) and Team On Target, who are playing with Mike.

Talk to your team or come alone if you arenít on a team. Grab a buddy or three and head on up.

Meanwhile, Happy New Year and keep on having fun!

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