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but why "steam piston?"

why not "steam valve?"
A piston can use steam to do work... A valve just lets steam pass through, regulate its flow, or blocks it.

Valve (Parent company) controls the steam (Spin off service) that is pushed through to drive the piston (extra profit and drive).

As for the issue of the device's GPU and why it isn't a 'dedicated' card, well, why bother with an extra card and controls when it can be built into an existing modular card? Having a single large format expansion board that holds a well balanced amount of RAM with a suitable GPU build into a dedicated board (Or similar combinations of logically paried parts of a computer) makes sense when you are looking to produce a modular product that makes it easier for an end user to swap out parts.

No more "Which graphics card should I upgrade to?", but rather "Do I want the economy, gamer, extreme, or uber-ultra board?".
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I destroy drives for clients all the time. Sometimes, intentionally.
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