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Originally Posted by Cottontail View Post
Get her a used Empire Axe, or an 07 Ego for $300.

I also have two NXT shockers I'd sell for $200 each, with the eigenbolt out now its a great option and theyre PSP ready. Buying used will get you much further in the realm of high end markers than buying new. The mini and g4 are low end, beginner markers and the quality shows. For $200 - $350 you have a slew of options on the used market
The Mini isn't a low end marker and it has better quality than many "high end" markers out today. The quality does show in the Mini, but in the opposite way you're talking about.

One fact speak volumes about the Mini. It's been in production since 2006. How many guns (especially electronic) have been manufactured for 7 straight years? Sure they updated it, but you can get the new parts for free from Empire.
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