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Originally Posted by Silent Savage View Post
I play pump- when solo to work on skills

I play semi- when playing with the team to dominate
Ha. That is the only time I break out a semi. PEER PRESSURE!!!! Sometimes, it is fun to waste a bunch of paint (usually old or mid grade) and shoot a ton of people with your friends. It's also a blast to brush the dust off of the old Angel or cocker and rock it at the field.

I usually play pump, shoot the best paint that I can get my hands on, and have a relaxing day of it.

I played with both this weekend and probably shot an equal amount of people, the difference was 3 bags of paint, or 150 balls. Lots of fun both ways. No need to limit yourself to just one style.
PSH Paintball in L.A. supports pumpers! for your So. Cal monthly pump day. Great crowd.

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