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2-man/10-ball Tournament at CFP (Lakeland, FL) on Jan. 19, 2013


Feel The Rush!
Feel The Challenge!

It is down to 2 of you and 2 of them.

Everyone is down to their last few balls - way less
than most players would think about winning with.

But, you decide and start your move and then, so does everyone else!

It happens! It happens every game!!

The next
2-man/10-ball Tournament
will be held at
Central Florida Paintball in Lakeland, FL
Saturday, January 19th, 2013.

Call a friend and make a team!

Register Now by PMing or E-mailing me!

Sign-in is from 9:00am - 9:40am on the morning of the tournament.
The first game should be at 10:00am.

Playing fees: $22 (which includes the field fee - play wherever you want between your matches) - pay on the day of the event at the Pro Shop.

Full details for this event are here.

-- This is a FPO event; paint will be available in the Pro Shop usually, a team can easily split a bag.

-- Play with whatever airgun [marker] you are comfortable with [pump, semi-mechanical, semi-electro, whatever].)

-- This is a double-elimination tournament: the winner of the zero-loss tree plays the winner of the one-loss tree in the finals. Each team will play at least 6 games (most play many more).

-- Quick overview: the format for the preliminary matches lets teams play often and still have recovery time between matches: one set is played to 3 points (winning a game is 1 point; winning 3 points [games] wins the set) against each team until you reach the finals. A match in the finals is the best of 3 sets against the other team (winning 2 out of three sets).

Bring your very best game - it's the only thing that will win!!

2-man/10-ball Paintball Association

"Things are rarely what they seem, but are always exactly what they are."
- Buckaroo Banzai

"Everything in excess. To enjoy the flavor of life, take big bites. Moderation is for monks."
- Lazarus Long

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