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Originally Posted by Harbinger[TG] View Post
They have had no issues, and no complaints, about the first strikes for the last few games. And knowing the OXCC guys, I would not attribute this to "making a statement."

And no one is forcing anyone to buy first strikes, you can shoot normal paint like everyone else.

Again, your idea of gouging is laughable. Places need to make money, there are costs to run a business.
than include that price in the cost to play not the cost for one specific type of paint. Either way as I said I'll probably be there. And there's no hard feelings almost all of the scenarios I've seen do it. But I still don't feel that it's right. And no we arnt being forced at gun point. I'm just agreeing with halo that it's Interesting how one product is marked up and another isn't. I get harbingers explanation. In this case I probably won't have my first strike marker up and running by than however if I did. The hike in prices makes it just that much harder to justify spending my money there and not somewhere else
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