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I just got a bunch of shockers in from a friend, as a kind of gift. As annoying as they are, I know shockers really well.These are all broken right now, but I'll have them working in a few days, nothing major is wrong with any of them just need orings/tuning/lube.

My friends also sending me a Promaster for a to be named later price, because he doesn't like the size and knows I do. It'll be more of a backup marker in my bag, but I do love promasters. It's not some decent ups on it too (ball bearing trigger most importantly imo).

I'm pretty set on the Borg RX for this season, but if I see a good price on a number of Timmys I'd prolly grab em too at some point during the season. These shockers give me some wiggle room cus i'm destined to make a few bucks on em.
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