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Real Steel: AR Parts

Decided to sell the AR parts now that my plans for a build have been put on indefinite hold. I will try my best to ship within two business days, but I'm heading back to school on January 13th, so after that one of my parents will be shipping if anything is sold. I accept PayPal and money order. Anyways, onto the stuff.

All of the parts have never been used/fired, but some parts may have been installed and uninstalled. I've tried to list all the marks in the finishes and stuff.

Yankee Hill Machine Low Profile Gas Block -$28
Brand new in packaging. Fit's 0.750 OD barrel and uses set screws.

Troy Battlesights (fixed) -$110
Front and rear sight combo. The front sight ears around the post are HK-style, which at least to me is easier to aim with. The screw for the rear sight has some markings from a screw driver.

Yankee Hill Machine Customizable Free Float Tube AND Yankee Hill Machine Free Float Wrench-$180
This is literally brand new in packaging. I've taken it out of the packaging once to look at it and then it went straight back into the sleeve. Rifle length hand guard.

Yankee Hill Machine 5C2 Muzzle Break-$45
Brand new in package. 5/8-24 threads, can be used on some AR-10s as well. The front is scalloped for "breaching and close quarters combat" Includes crush washer.

Nikon P-Series Scope Mount-$40
Perfect for mount a scope or what have you on an AR. For 1" scopes and stuff.

DSA Upper Receiver AND Palmetto State Armory Charging Handle (7075 aluminum) -$110 PENDING PAYMENT
Pretty new upper with ejection port cover and forward assist. There are some small marks around the forward assist pin, where the rear takedown pin hole is, and the very rear of the receiver. The latter two won't show if when the upper is attached to a lower. The ejection port door detent also needs to be broken in, it makes closing the cover all the way and the initial opening require a little bit more effort (it's not hard to work by any means). It has M4 feed ramps and machined T-marks.

ALG Defense Combat Trigger AND Magpul Aluminum Enhanced Trigger Guard-$80 PENDING PAYMENT
The hammer shows some wear from rubbing against a bolt carrier, but in no way does it affect performance. As a matter of fact, you can't even feel the wear at all. Comes will all the pins for the hammer and trigger including the slave pin as well as the screw and pin for the trigger guard.
(Trigger and hammer details can be found here)

White Oak Armament 6.8 SPC Bolt-$65 SOLD
Brand new in package. Has never been installed in a rifle or bolt carrier for that matter.

Spikes Tactical ST-T2 Heavy Buffer-$30 SOLD
Heavier than your standard buffer, will reduce the felt recoil and reduce the cycle rate.

Palmetto State Armory 6-Position Mil-Spec Diameter Buffer Tube (7075 aluminum) AND Palmetto State Mil-Spec Carbine Buffer Spring AND Yankee Hill Machine Ambidextrous Sling Receiver End Plate-$40 SOLD
Everything you need to put a stock on an AR but a buffer (hint hint) and the actual stock itself. Includes the lock ring.


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