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My son started playing when he was twelve. He and his best friend were talking about buying guns. With my son's birthday coming up I told him we'd get a gun, but he had to play a few times with me first. His third time playing he took friendly fire from about 10 feet behind that grazed his neck and drew blood. He was unfazed and kept playing. Needless to say he got a marker for his birthday (and he had a paintball party).

Seven years later...One of the fields nearby (Badlandz) regularly has what they call Kidz Dayz. These are games for first time players and a parent. I took my daughter to this for her first time when she was 13. There were about a dozen boys and their dads. We had a dedicated ref for the day, played a variety of fields, and even had lunch together. It was an awesome introduction to the game for every kid there. Much to my pride, by the end of the day I heard more than once a boy asking the question, "where's the girl?"
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