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it was a robbery

Keith was alone at the warehouse where they store and prepare the firearms for the shoots. Keith was the "weapons expert" for the show, and his job was arrange the firearms used in the videos, inspect and clean them, and prepare them for the videos.

The comments I'm reading on the internet in regards to his death are just beyond sickening. He was alone, doing his job, and he was robbed and murdered. From talking to Kitty (yes, the same Kitty that used to work for TechPB many years ago now works for FPSRussia), there is a lot that the police AREN'T saying. There are tons of details about his murder that are not released to the public right now.

Think about this - when someone breaks into an armory, or a SWAT team van, how vague are the reports that come out? Do you get a detailed list of weaponry that was stolen? Do you get exact model numbers with full descriptions, of the firearms that were stolen? If someone breaks into a place that is stocked to the roof with Class 3 Automatic Weapons and steals a bunch of them, what does the report coming from the police say?

"We have an incident that we are investigating... that's all we can say at this time..."

I met Keith when the FPSRussia show came to Tampa about a year ago. He was a very polite, VERY knowledgeable person. We all had lunch and I sat right beside him. He was one of those guys who you'd love to have a beer with while shooting pool. Loved the outdoors, loved hunting, loved firearms and he was one of those "Southerners" who you could shoot the **** with all day long.

This person was alone at work doing his job, when he was taken hostage, robbed and murdered. ANYTHING else you read, is pure nonsense.
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