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Originally Posted by Nightstar View Post
I play mag-fed, semi-pistol exclusively. Not only do I find it to be the most fun, I also shoot less paint than I do with a pump. I tend to double tap, get the elimination and move on whereas with my old trusty SL68 I'd have to pump before the followup often missing the shot and then extending the exchange and that's when the ball didn't just roll out while I was improving my position.

Open class pump holds no appeal for me. I can auto trigger my hopper empty but what's the point?

I've considered purchasing a stock class marker. I think stock class would be fun if only there were local games.
I've found the solution to that is to just go play stock class. Some of the people playing today are younger than my markers. But I get at least one or two people asking to try out one of them for a game every time I bring them out.

You probably won't dominate unless you're really damn good, but consider a concept my friend came up with back in the days when Angels first started proliferating, called Stock Class Revenge.

You see, it costs ~5 cents for a paintball. So every time that marker fires, they just shot a nickel at you. Most days, I can manage over a couple games to get more than I spend in paint, air, and field fees in a month fired at me.
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