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someone mentioned longer valve-spring... interesting. See the sound signature from videos sounds like a tuned Falcon prototype (with soft cup seal, Palmers style), maybe a little bit louder but the sound is there. Falcons use longer valve springs too, I went that way because the most consistent guns I have use longer valve springs (the Illusion is a prime example). Around 2 inches seems to be ideal... anyways, I think the trick is actually with the hammer: if the J12's hammer is very smooth running, it may be too smooth... in combination with a soft hammer spring, it may be allowing the hammer to bounce on the valve pin the tiniest bit. Not sure what exactly to suggest, just some food for thought for you guys tuning the J12 if you want to cut the noise down. One of the tricks I found for making the Falcons silent was to incorporate some kind of "brake" for the hammer, to prevent any bounce on contact with the valve pin. I did that on one of our team guns with the trigger lifting a ramp to contact and "drag" on the hammer at the point when it hits the valve, it made the gun as quiet as could be.

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