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I ruled out a female Stab a long time ago because generally, I find them aesthetically displeasing--this is my personal preference. It didn't occur to me to use a female Stablizer with the expansion chamber in place, basically making it a gas-through foregrip. I'll have to look at photos and decide if I like it, but I'm intrigued.

Technically: with HPA, the expansion chamber would cause neither harm nor benefit, but with CO2, it would still help mitigate any liquid that managed to get past the Stabilizer--right? How do the Palmer's mounts work for those of you who use them? They look wobbly and unstable to me.

If all that checks out, I may just go with the female Stab. Plus, I have a gift credit to Palmer's, so that's nice.

The CP regs look nice; I like the new lines for the 3rd generation, plus they're inexpensive. The product description is, however, next to worthless. No specs at all. (I know I can order a Stablizer to handle up to 1200 psi.) No word on C02 compatibility. If I get good answers and decide to go this route, I will probably use a drop forward to shorten the gas line (again, aesthetics).

I could just save the expansion chamber & ASA rig and swap it back and forth with a regulator & drop rig, depending on the day's available gas. Both could be unbolted from the grip and uncscrewed from the vert air adapter easily enough. So, if someone on here can let me know if the CP can feed a 98, I'll add that to my short list, too.

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