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Originally Posted by Kermit View Post
At that focal range, I don't think it's terribly important as long as you have decent lighting and a fast lens. On my 70-200 f2.8 IS II I can get a cleaner shot at 100mm without IS than I can with my 28-135 at 100mm with IS turned on just because of the amount of light coming into the lens.

For general shooting on a crop sensor camera, my favorite lens is around a 35mm. That's a really comfortable all around lens for anything from landscapes to portraits. The Sony 16-50 looks like a great choice for around $550, it's f2.8 constant which is very doable in low light situations and the focal range will work great with anything from landscape shots to portraits.

Hope that helps.

Are you talking about the SAL1650? That's for Alpha cameras. The only 16-50 for E-mounts is the new SELP1650 which is a compact motorized zoom, and the kit lens for the NEX-7. It's got f/3.5-5.6
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