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Sold Warhammer 40k Terminator Bitz: Assault Cannons, Chain Fists, Lightning Claws

SOLD So... I was digging through my tool slooking for a half round jewelers file (grrr still can't find it) when I found some bitz... I didn't know I had these. If I did I would have offered them up with the Space Hulk sets (with an additional cost of course)... actually if I knew I had these I would have sold them long ago with all the rest of the 40k stuff I sold several years ago.

All metal, new.. unpainted some still have the mold tag on them:
3 Terminator Assault Cannons (whole right arm and gun)
4 pairs of Metal Lightning Claws (Left and Right Arms)
2 Chain Fists (Left Arm)

I went and looked for a price on GW ... Resin lightning claws go for 20 for 5 pairs (again made of plastic if you go by the price on the metal Cannons it would be 8 per pair times 4 for 36)... Assault cannons are 8 per pair for 12, and using the cannon price for the Chain Fists of 8 per pair. So 56 plus shipping if you bought from GW (and the parts were available.. which they aren't... the metal lightning claws and chainfists are OOP)

Looking for $48 shipped to the lower 48

40k Terminator Bitz Photos by schmittwerks | Photobucket

Paypal is accepted.


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