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Originally Posted by Mr. Hick View Post
What type of car do you drive Nish?

You either have a defective bulb or you are having some serious corrosion issues in the bucket. Either way, it's bad. Headlights are getting to be RIDICULOUS when it comes to cost.
05 Mazda 3, looks like most if not all of the assembly is pretty clean, I'm guessing maybe something in the wiring but I've never been good at diagnosing electrical problems.

The bulbs for it at like $17 each. Just standard bulbs

The car as a whole is in decent shape, I'm hoping to get another two or 3 years out of it before it starts nickle and dimeing me and it's time to get another. Plan is to pay it off this spring and set aside what I'm currently paying each month for the loan for the next car.
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I don't so much make money, as provide a conduit for it's movement.
Stock class = 12grams and a stick feed. End discussion.
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