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Before I start I just want to make it clear that each of us comes away
with a different sense of things, even when we've all taken part in or
witnessed the same event.

What happened, in my own personal opinion, was that some people on
the German staff didn't provide good leadership. It's also important to
note that this same thing has occured on the Allied side in the past as

What compounded this situation is that the game has been so rigid,
when it comes to scoring, that even if you've brought your 'A' game,
you can still fall behind due to an assortment of factors that aren't
aways under your control.

At some point last year, it was decided that the Germans couldn't
possibly win, even if they got ALL of the remaining points. At that
point the officials halted the event, instead of letting us play it out.
This wasn't taken well by players on either side as far as I can
determine. Then, to use up whatever paint was left and to kill the
remaining time the staff suggested that we reset units and just play
out the day. If this had been your typical one day scenario event,
one in which you'd just learned who was on your side, that might
have been fine, but when you've been training, playing and camping
with the same group of people for a week or more, telling them they
must now give up a position they just fought hard to take, you come
away with a different attitude.

To help resolve this, the staff has set up what's called a "Legacy
Board,' consisting of long time members from BOTH sides. These
members have elected to give up their role as players in order to
insure the rest of us have a good time. This coming June the
board and the staff will closely monitor the eb and flow of the
event and if they feel one side is gaining a significant advantage,
they'll issue new missions to that side which are designed to help
bring the score back into balance.

So far everyone who has looked at, who took part last year, has
said they feel this soultion has been long overdue.

in closing I want to remind everyone who read this that D-Day is
NOT your typical scenario. Instead it's probably better to think
of it as what the military refers to as a 'Field Training Exercise.'
The difference being in a FTX members of both sides have been
fully trained, as opposed to at D-Day where you never know just
how skilled members of your group, unit or side are?

Anyone wishing to address my comments is asked to do so off
line. Please feel free to e-mail me c/o adorsai@aol or give me
a call - 407/563-3884.

Andy Van Der Plaats
J-9, Office of the CofS, SHAEF
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