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$65-70 in paypal i need a barrel to match and other things

I got the barrel i am still looking for more so if you have a crazy deal on one lmk.... i am also still looking for any of that other stuff

ok guys this is it i need a nice small bore barrel to match my gun

barrels i will consider
SHIV kit whole kit in black or exact match only
Eigen i want both small sizes the 678 and 684
CP maybe only 2 piece if any
Kaner it has to be cheap i won't pay top price
Macdev shift kit
Bob long the newer ones that came the g6r
Stiffi non metal

i don't want
empire kit that came with the sniper
dye ul
older smart parts other than freak
older stiffi
basically anything that isn't on that list

don't be afraid to offer worst i can say is NO

other stuff i need/want
Flex lenses i need one bad
barrel bags (yes i know this is kinda meh but offer if you got them cheap)
Grill lenses
Profit lenses
head gear (i need blue and yellow sandana style for my winter field)

anything cheap that a baller can use

POST BEFORE PMING ME. if i don't get back to you right away i am probably at work or you are posting at a strange time of the night.
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