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I run my tpx's off hpa, and I generally get about 250fps depending on paint and barrel. Valken graffiti in my lapco BSA's (.687) can shoot in the 270s but usually sticks around 265 though. (chrono'd) (I think the extra inch on the lapco barrel in addition to a tight paint/bore fit helps with velocity a bit if you're normally using the stock tpx barrel)

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Im sure a lighter bolt or spring will get it to the level you need. I couldnt get mine fast enough on HPA to get any breaks from 20 feet away. The stock setup wont cut it on HPA as is tho.
I don't know how that's possible, unless you have really hard paint. When I was chrono'd at about 240 I was still getting breaks at 100 feet with my good paint, consistently. My cheap midnight paint is pretty hard, but still breaks at 20 feet even at 230fps...usually.

Oddly enough, I can get my TPX to hit 360-370fps on HPA when I close down the pressure relief all the way valve and crank the velocity pretty high. Sometimes it won't shoot, or takes a few pulls but it does it. The weird thing, is that I can't get it to shoot anywhere BETWEEN 270-340 consistently.

All stock internals
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