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Price Drop. Gearbag sale.

Leaving paintball, all items are for sale only.

Black Dye Rotor V3 misc scratches 100 plus shipping

White Camo Dye Rotor V3 with black exalt speed feed misc scratches 110 plus shipping

Ninja 68/4500 Carbon Fiber Tank Date is 4/10. With Dye Rhino cover. 100 plus shipping

Ninja 68/4500 Carbon Fiber Tank with SLP regulator. Tank date is 7/10 With Dye Rhino Cover. 100 plus shipping

I have a NXE camo pack as well as 6 Dye Locklids plus all the pods I have. I will throw together for 40 plus shipping. If any one is intreatsted I have two markers for sale in this thread. I am more then willing to throw every thing together in a single sale and include every single paintball related thing I own. Any questions feel free to PM me.
Bob Long Closer, Bob Long Darq Marq FS ONLY

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