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Pneumatic assist cocker in the works.

So I traded a guy a while a go for a oracle cocker body and have been looking for a good project for it. I did not want another semi and I did not want to just throw a pump kit on it so I came up with something ... inbetween.

and into the physical world

update to day is I screwed up. I bought some PEG plastic to use as the handle nice and clear easy to machine good stuff kinda. first mistake was I drilled one of the holes too deep so thats no good but since I had the holes I wanted to make sure the other components would work. when I first put the main guide rod in it slid really nice but after "cycling" it i started noticing it was starting to stick. Now I have not used the PEG plastic before so I thought that maybe the grease I was using was causing a reaction I cleaned it out really good with some soap and water only to find that its not the grease but the ID of the guide rod hole was already starting to wear So back to the drawing board for the handle material. I might have to go for the old stand buy of delrin but I bought some acrylic to try also.

So it was a slow day at work and I was looking at my design and came up with something better less parts less bulk easier to machine. The original design sill had all the parts of a standard cocker a lpr a 3 way all as different parts but I realized their is no need to have a transfer tube going to a distinct 3 way I could just use the guide rod as the 3 way core and remove the need for 2 parts. Also with that out of the way I was able to put the return spring back into the upper tube so their will also be less threading.

I feel like I might be talking over some of the PBN crowds heads sometimes so I thought I would bring it over here.
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