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Should be up to date. Remember, if we get 20, it's $5 off for everyone so keep me posted if you're going to be in/out.
so - if i'm doing my math correctly (i has abacus) - if we come up short on people (<20), we could still possibly get a discount...

walk-on price: $25
20 people at a $5 discount: $400 [20x($20-5)]

$400/19 people: $21.06/person (use the $aving$ to get yourself a double-double @ in-n-out on the way home)
$400/18 people: $22.22/person (soda and a bag of chips at 7-11? slurpee?)
$400/17 people: $23.53/person (cause who doesn't need $1.47 ?)
$400/16 people: $25.00/person (does this mean we get four extra wristbands?)

just trying to find a silver lining in these tough economic times - i know many out there are switching over to FSR

on another note, i'm looking forward to seeing mattee with an electro in his hand
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what stimpy said
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My butt hole hurts all the time
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Stimps is the man! Not only does he smell his own farts, but he enjoys it at the same time.

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