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WTB: Cheap Working/Broken markers <$100

New year new WTB

Anyway, I pass time in my long and boring life by fixing old gems or junk. So in that respect im looking for broken markers that can be fixed or some beyond repair i can use as parts. I have 54 markers currently with boxes and boxes of parts so I can fix just about anything.

I donít care the issue really as long as a truck hasnít ran it over (unless itís a tippmann) then ill generally be interested.

I lean more towards ICD, AGD, and WGP but nothing is off the table.

We will start off with markers and parts less than $100. Preferably piles of extra parts and markers you just donít want.

Oh and i have lots of stuff to trade just ask would you need and ill see if i can come up with not even sure what i have anymore

Things Bought/traded :


Large pics for a general idea of what i have to trade! PM for closer pics.

I have all parts to these markers shown. They was stripped mainly to reduce storage space when i shipped it all

EDIT: Classic mag and PGP are gone

Electros For Sale

Mechs For Sale

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