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Originally Posted by agentSmith View Post
It will be FPO Marbs, I bet they stick with the red fill. Dealing with more than one FPO color is a ref's nightmare.
Actually, the fill color difference between the Evil, Gold and 40 was quite substantial, the "blood red" fill on one of them was much closer to a hot-pink.

Originally Posted by Steve_81 View Post
Just checked Pre-Registration prices. The Paint costs have gone up...

On a side note the two Paintballs I miss the most are Big Ball (black/white shell) and the PMI (Pink shell/fill) from the 90's.
Sad times if its true on the prices, b/c then day-of prices might be higher for the big games, which really sticks it to those of us who don't want to get stuck with paying for crap paint for the entire weekend.

Also, that pink PMI was my all time favorite paint EVAR! I miss those days. Stupid greedy companies.

And +1 for Valken, my local field used their paint all this year, and i even got a couple cases of Redemption on my own (not through field) and it was amazing. (field used the low rec balls, tough shells, but atleast they flew straight)
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