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Originally Posted by Spider! View Post
One thing that really helps on occluded sights is when you are off-side-eye dominant, i.e. right-handed shooter with left eye dominance. I didn't realize this until I started using a daisy led sight at night. At night, you can't see much through a daisy, but if your other eye can track the silhouette, you can put a ball on it.

I have a Armson max-duty on my P-style trilogy. I have put that sight on other markers, but is easier and most useful on the pistol. With a pistol, you can bring the sight to your eyes, rather than bringing your head to the marker. I don't use it all the time, but it has some good uses.

Paintballs aren't perfect, but they do have an average cone of impact. With a target at distance, you can use a pistol with a sight and have a chance to hit that is as good as any other setup. Compensating for wind is easy, and you can return to shooting at a particular bunker with a known drop (say six feet over will put the ball in the right spot on average).

Ambush; when you know where they will come out, you put the dot where your average cone will definitely cover the target and not halfway on the bunker.

Snapshot; check your grip and hold before you pop from cover. Trust the dot exactly, shoot and come back.

Shooting angles through holes; when you have some monkey shooting at you from crack or small second story window and you can't hose them down, a sight will let you figure out your shot quickly and come back on line when a opportunity presents itself.

Ignore it; just because you have a sight doesn't mean you have to use it. Using a sight will help you develop the feel for a marker quickly. You may not want it at all after a while. There are also play structures where you can't use a sight very well; don't force yourself to use a sight.

I'm waiting for PTP to start making tritium sights again. Daisy sights only last me a few night games, but it's fun one-shotting people in the dark at a distance.
Thanks Spider! I'm definitely going to look into the Pro Team model you referred to. I might also end up getting the old Dye Izon type site form Rage, just cause he'll sell it to me super cheap. That said, I like what you have to say about the Pro Team Max duty sight. That looks exactly like what I wanted - especially considering you said it works best on a pistol like setup, which is EXACTLY what I'm using it for

Just to be crystal, this is the Pro Team Max Duty sight you were referring to?

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