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How all of my minions do it...

Case of paint
Pool Money for food $20-30ish

I buy the meals for our whole group, and do 2 dinners, 3 lunches, 2 breakfasts, snacks and water

I bring a grill, last year one of the guys made pulled pork, we reheated it on the BBQ, toasted some buns and brought some coleslaw, we do brats and dogs, cinnamon rolls (warmed up on the grill) and a few other things

bring a flashlight or two.... we always forget em or dont have enough

a decent walkie helps for on field too, if you want

i will have power at the SSC booth, if anybody wants to charge their phones etc

also... deal wise... im doin a basement purge, i will be LIQUIDATING all of my extra gear, pants, long sleeves, pod packs, masks, pods, guns, hoppers, etc, everything will be used, everything will be dirt cheap! so bring lots of money, and pack space efficient so you can take it all home!
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