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Mounting Options for Speed Gate on PG/PGP

I was wondering if it is possible to mount a speed gate on the front of the top tube of a PG or PGP. Or can you only instal a speed gate on the rear of the top tube on a PGP?

If you can instal it in either place, has anyone ever tried running a PGP with two speed gates - one on the front of the top tube and one at the rear?

I'm thinking running it on the front would be cool because, not only would I then be able to use a speed gate with my PG (not enough clearance to be able to use it on the rear of the top tube thanks to large twist lock bolt handle), but after filling the top tube up I could stick another 10rnd tube into the speed gate, in effect turning it from a 10rnd tube into a 20rnd tube.

Your thoughts? Thanks for the help!
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