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i need some windows help

i have a windows 7 laptop that will not boot. something is wrong with the operating system so that it will not fully boot. it either gets to the point just before the login in screen and reboots to windows repair (cant repair) or it boos and BSOD's, or it comes up with an install bootable media screen (dos) and wont go anywhere.

I just want to be able to boot it up to the point where i can rescue my contacts and email and such off of it.

I would like some form or boot cd or usb drive that will allow me access to the drive and to fire up an external usb drive.

Any suggestios on a site to get one that isnt loaded with viruses or similar? other suggestions are welcome.

I cannot use my windows disk as i only have the restore disks that came with the machine. effectivelly an image of the drive not real installation media.
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