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Classic modified Sheridan

Valve body is side tapped for constant Air hookup but the fitting on the end is setup for a thermo tank. Speed gate on the upper tube, and extended co2 plug. The Crossmann stock had the holes crudely re-drilled to fit on the Sheridan frame. The gun is a real time piece I haven't run air through it because of the thermo valve setup so i am unsure of the working condition.

$125 OBO shipping not included. I can include a thermo tanks if somebody wants to keep this original you just cove the extra shipping cost.

UPDATE 1/23/13
Ok so i got home yesterday and I went to check out the gun and how the fitting was mounted. The old fitting was soldered on and was not 1/8 inch npt like I thought. So I ended up pulling that fitting off. Tapping the body (1 thread) for 1/8 npt And then I threaded and soldered a new elbow on. I plugged it for now but you could run an airline from it if you wanted to. Since I had the entire gun apart I replaced all of the valve seals including the 12 gram face seal. I resurfaced the cup seal and then threw the whole thing back together. I noticed the the back cap has a rear velocity adjusted tapped into it as well. Also the nutsert the front grip screws into was starting to come loose (spinning when i put the screw into it) since i don't have any more of those lying around i just put a little solder around that as well. So here's what it looks like now since i had to do a little sanding to get it ready for the hot work.

Really the only thing left to do to make it a complete overhaul is to address the finish on the body to your liking paint, patina, polish, ect.

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