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Lot of surrenders in that vid Acrewofone, was pretty entertaining to watch!
You're right about the glare AgentSmith, I might look into one of those skinz, saves showing off my spindly arms! :P

Funnily enough, I haven't actually had the chance to use the 3357 in a live game yet, just on the range. I've been waiting til Snake got his one fixed so we could run them together, but I've got to say, it really is a fantastic piece of kit. The heavy trigger doesn't bother me in the slightest (plus I'm a fan of barrel-heavy pistols), love it.

I promised mine to Snake this time though, but you never know, I might just sneak them back and have a little play around....
Once I get a proper game with them, I'd really enjoy a chat about tips and such with you gents!

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Despite their proximity, the Wolfman from Leeds is not related to any werewolf in London, but he is first cousins with the Northern Mi dogman.
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