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bolt action FSR KP!

-Everything shipped USPS (except maybe the kp, we will see)
-Insurance is buyers responsibility to ask for. I cover the cost of a dc #
-International shipping will be extra and will require the purchase of insurance. Please don't ask me to lie on the customs form.
-PayPal or USPS money order only

So I quit one of my jobs to work on my thesis and can't justify keeping projects and extra guns around. Most of these will be easily replaceable once I get a real job.

FSR kp-$300 + shipping pending

This is a kp2 that was at one time converted to DF. The DF was removed at some point and either during the DF conversion or after its removal the breach was enlarged. Came to me needing some cleaning up, a new face seal, a spacer for the 12g rod, and the trigger group needed to be fixed. I made the addition of a genuine orginal k-series bolt with home made charging handle and an extended 12g plug. I was planning on giving it an rva, but it consistently shoots in the 270s up here in denver (your results may vary). Stock is from my first kp, some surface scratches but nothing that can't be buffed out. Barrel is perfect bore for first strike rounds, shoots them beautifully.

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