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Getting cabin fever here with mine. I went to two different GUN not PB stores today and neither had a clue to what fit on this. I told them AR15 parts, they were scratching their head.

My SS this year got me one hell of an awesome stock for it, I love it! The foregrip he got me will be going towards another project down the line, so now I am on the hunt for a sight rail for the top, whoosh tip & something to cover some of the barrel. Maybe a sling too.

Looking at this "photo thread" I found these two that I feel would work for me best:


I like that it's not covering the entire barrel. Still gives you a nice rail system for small things, but nothing crazy. The sight system I also like. I would like to put a scope on mine to play with.

The like the way the Bi-pod attached to the rail in the photo above. That's the look I am shooting for.

The barrel tip I'm sure I will come across it here sooner or later. But can someone help me locate these parts listed above? Locally it seems they don't have a clue. And lately I've been just too stressed out to enjoy anything, so I think this would be fun to finally make this what I want.

Thank you all!
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