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Originally Posted by JaKaL View Post
Is battlefield that place out near bithlo right on 50?

Is Orlando Paintball still open? The indoor place near fairvilla?

There used to be another place way out on 50 that had lots of woods and old helicopters and stuff.

There's also central Florida paintball down in Lakeland.

I was sad when hypersports closed, too.
Yep, Battlefield used to be known as OCP. It is under new management, it was bought by the owners of Hurricane Paintball.

If you're talking about the one out towards Titusville I believe it's been closed for awhile.

Orlando Paintball is still open, next to the fairgrounds.

Originally Posted by Penarol10 View Post
its a little farther but central florida paintball in lakeland is probably the best, if not one of the best fields in the state.
Best is a pretty encompassing term. It's good for airball when they have crowds but I found their woodsball field to be completely lacking. Then again, it could have been a bad day, but I was given the understanding (from the staff on sire that day) that that's how it was.

Originally Posted by JaKaL View Post
Ref issues?
How can you have issues with refs if you have no refs?
Oh wait I see what you did there...

OP, it might help us a little if you let us know what kind of paintball you're looking for. We could better tailor suggestions to fit your criteria.

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