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Originally Posted by SnowZone View Post
I believe the springs in the J12 are not standard. There isn't any need to "tune" this marker like many Sniper based markers. Basically cleaning and getting back to factory settings is going to be the majority of the maintenance on a J12.
Dave I should just preorder a j12 through you, so much money saved from cocker valve tool, spring kit, options that are standard on the j12, no slot blocker, ect.

May just need to dish out the full price for one instead of saving at 15% in February

Just remembered TF saying this is mainly a noob pump marker, not really tinkerer friendly. Which is totally ok with me since I do throw my 98c and keep it there unmaintained and pop it out when my electro goes down (stupid mini and your blowback problems that I can't fix by replacing every seal, and going back to stock parts)

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