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Veering off topic a bit - how thick is the most recent GatWrap padding? I've got an older one, which was smaller, and there isn't very much padding. I still use it, but i've been thinking of getting another one so my other guns don't get jealous that only one gun at a time can wear the gatwrap.

I also have a laptop sleeve i use from time to time, but it's got thin padding, so only my ion goes in there... not to be mean to the ion, just that the composite/rubber shell on the body & thick aluminum frame can take more of a beating than the others when in transit - i don't worry about scratches, dents or bends.

Most of the time, though, the guns travel in an old Redz gun bag, which is long & narrow, fits about 3 guns w/ the internal dividers, 1 tank in an internal pouch, 3 full barrels in outer sleeves on one side, and squeegees & condoms in a large pocket on the other side. There's room for a hopper inside, too, but since it's prone to moving freely, i don't usually stick it in there.

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